Sitemap - 2023 - Rob’s Substack

We got stuck in Hawaii and it wasn't all beaches and rainbows

No-stress November - GOAL ACHIEVED (and how to do it)

Cancelling Plans - November is just a lot to get through

Anyone interested in a trip with us? (and a quick Montana update)

We got stuck in a herd of Moose - and more about Montana in the fall

I miss having MY community - and what I'm doing in Pensacola FL

My Life Without a Phone, and here's what's happening in Hawaii

What to NOT Labor On - a short newsletter for happier days (and fall travel ideas)

We have a storm on the horizon, but here' why we're gonna be okay

Looking for helpers! (and you don't even have to leave your house)

Maine travel tips, what's new at Universal, and re: to Hawaii right now

Big News for Us; and Ending Summer with a Bang (bonus Napping tips included at end)

Vacation vs Work Travel: What I learned about Myself

Renewing a Love for Wildlife - Why Travel Still Impacts Me

Why I'm Over Pride Month - BUT it's still super important

The Drama is OVER - Officially Moved-in and More Thankful Than Ever

Super Official Insights into Being My Own Boss

Back from Canada, and it was unforgettable

Trying Out Train Travel: Thoughts or Questions?

Keep on Truckin': My Daily Encouragement

I discovered the ultimate life hack this week: selling the house you live in

Reliving Our Cross-Country Relocation - the Bizarre Experience of It

This World is Unreal

Hotel Lessons (my bad) and Tips for Summer

Current state: Florida is tearing me apart on the inside

2023 is full of NEW ideas, and I'm here for it